Wedding FAQ

I am absolutely THRILLED that you are considering me for your wedding. I have worked with some of the most amazing couples and I hope to add you to the list. It’s so very important that you take much care when selecting your photographer. Whether it be me or someone else. You will deal with your photographer before, during and after your wedding. Make sure it’s someone you like and trust.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about my services. Hopefully this will help you in your decision making. I invite you to give me a call or send an email – I’d love to meet you in person and talk about your special day!!!

When should we book with you?

I am not going to be shy about this. I am a very busy wedding photographer and I do book up very quickly. It’s important to book as soon as you realize that I’m fantastically great to work with (hint, hint) if you really want to make sure I have your date available. I do not guarantee your date until your deposit and contract have been received.

Do you have a time limit?

Most brides only need about 8 hours of coverage to fully capture their day. If you need more than 8 hours – no problem, we’ll extend coverage. I typically start my service when you put your dress on and I leave when all of the main events are complete and your guests are happily relaxing or dancing away at your reception. You will often need more than 8 hours if you add a first look into your day. Most Jewish ceremonies will require extended coverage for a first look, ketubah signing and portraits before the ceremony.

Do you bring a second photographer?

For collections at 8 hours or more I will work with an assistant or a second photographer. I often partner with other professional photographers so you will benefit from these relationships. We will talk about this when we meet based on your coverage needs and the type of wedding you are having.

Will you match another photographer’s price?

I understand that shopping for a wedding photographer is very confusing. You will receive many different prices for what seems like the same service. I promise you it’s not. In this industry the rate for photographic services will vary based on experience, equipment and skill level. So you have received a quote for 8 hours of wedding photography and a flush mount album for $1,500! What a great deal? I can tell you with the utmost certainty that if any vendor (and this goes for your DJ or Florist – anyone) provides a product or service for little or no profit they will NOT have the resources to make things right if mistakes happen or equipment breaks. They may even disappear before the wedding or after it and leave you with no album. If it seems too good to be true – it usually is. This is your wedding – this is a big deal.

I can tell you with absolute confidence that my pricing is competitive for the experience and level of expertise that I bring with me. I’m not your everyday ordinary photographer and you aren’t your every day ordinary bride. You like my photos for a reason – that’s why you are reading this.:-)I treat my clients the way I want to be treated and that includes fair and reasonable pricing. There are some great photographers in the area and if I’m not a good fit for you I’m happy to send you to one of my friends. When shopping for a photographer, obviously price is a consideration – but more than price you want to work with someone you are comfortable with. You have to work with your photographer longer than your florist, longer than your venue, longer than any vendor you have. These are photographs that you will have for the rest of your life.

What is your cancellation policy?

I’d be very sad to hear that you will no longer need my services – whatever the reason. The deposit that you pay is to secure your date and I make myself only available to you for that whole day. If I can rebook your date I will refund your deposit in its entirety. But, if the date is not re-booked, then I cannot refund your deposit.

What happens if you get ill on my wedding day?

I have never missed a wedding due to illness or an emergency, but I understand that this is a valid concern of yours. It is important to know that I am a professional and have an excellent reputation. I take my job very seriously and there is nothing short of almost dying that would make me miss your wedding. But should something of epic proportion happen, you need to know that I work with a network of highly trained professional photographers who I can call on as a backup.

Do I get a CD with my images on them?

Yes, my pricing includes digital negatives from your wedding with full resolution files with a print release so you can print as you like up to size 8×10. I will also provide you with smaller digital files for facebook and email. My logo is not on the images. I maintain the copyright – but you are able to print as you like from the files.

Do you belong to any professional organizations? Are you insured?

Yes and Yes. I belong to Professional Photographers of America and WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). These are the two major organizations that most pro-photographers belong to. I am also a fully insured business.

Do you collect sales tax?

Yes – I must collect sales tax on services and products in the state of Michigan. I cannot negotiate this as it is illegal for me to do so. If other photographers are not collecting sales tax for their services, they are not running a legal business.

Do you have a studio?

I sure do. I’m located in Royal Oak and I would love for you to come by and meet me. Due to the nature of my business, I am available by appointment.

I am a plus size bride and I want to look good in my photos. What can you do for me?

I am a “healthy” girl myself and I promise that I can do a lot for you! First and foremost, this is your wedding day and you deserve to have beautiful striking images. Let me assure you that I have your best interest at heart and I want you to look stunning. I have studied the art of light and posing and armed with that knowledge I understand how to photograph you properly so you will have no worries with me.

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